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Roxy McDonald




Email: roxy.mcdonald@texaseliteliving.com

Tel: 713-992-9685

First off, welcome to my page! I am a native Californian, I moved to Houston, Texas in 2006. Most of my adult life I worked in the accounting field, so I'm very detail oriented and good with numbers. But that line of work didn't fulfill the artist in me. I hate to admit it but, when I came to Houston one of my favorite pastimes was viewing model homes! Don't laugh, you know you like to do that too! LOL I love interior design and actually volunteer for a group that decorates homes for families in need. So, in 2007, I thought how could I combine my desire to help people and my model home obsession? Become a Realtor! Now, I get to help make my client's home buying or home selling dreams come true and sometimes get to help them design their space, therefore fulfilling my dreams too! Score! As you can tell, I love what I do :) Give me a call and you will see!